John Schoewe

Using Grafana and InfluxDB to Visualize Power Consumption

How Encore uses Grafana and InfluxDB to Gather Information About Our PDUs and Visuallize Their Power Consumption

John Schoewe

2 minute read

This blog explains how we configured and use Grafana to graph and visualize PDU data stored in InfluxDB.

Background InfluxDB is a time series database that we use to store dozens of metrics from all of our power distribution units (PDUs). This database is updated periodically with a python script that parses snmp data from our PDUs and stores it in the correct table and row. After getting the data into the db, we used Grafana to create graphs of some of the power consumption metrics so that we could easily see how much power was being used by each PDU.

Automated Editing and Addition of ServiceNow CIs

How to use Python and the ServiceNow API to Automatically Create and Update Configuration Items

John Schoewe

3 minute read

The following is a quick tutorial on using the ServiceNow API with python to programatically create and update configuration items. A personal development instance of ServiceNow Jakarta was used for testing the code below.

About the ServiceNow API Servicenow uses a REST Table API that allows users to perform create, read, update and delete operations on existing tables. ServiceNow also provides you with a REST API Explorer that uses information from your instance to provide you with a list of endpoints, methods, and variables that you can use to build and send a REST request.