The Encore management team is comprised of a group of IT veterans with years of experience developing solutions for their customers.

John Burns began his career in 1984 with Computerland. He left in 1987 to become part owner of Entre Computer Center which later was acquired by the Future Now and ultimately Xerox Connect in 1998. John left Xerox in 1999 to build a sales and delivery organization for Cincinnati Bell (CBTS) which grew from under $2 Million in 1998 to over $400 Million in 2014.

Jay Vollmer began his IT career in 1996 as an account manager for some of the most well known names in the IT industry. Jay has always felt very comfortable understanding technology, and more importantly showing customers how to use it as a business enabler. Jay has a very broad experience working with customers in government, healthcare, Fortune 500 and small and medium businesses.

Jay and John began their relationship by partnering to deliver Cisco networking solutions to joint customers in the healthcare industry. When Jay left Cisco for VMware, he enlisted John’s help to deliver virtual data center services to the Fortune 500. Jay and John both recognized they had a similar work ethic and values.

Jay put together an investment group in 2011 to purchase élan Technologies, an Apple focused IT services provider. Jay enlisted John’s guidance as a board member and mentor. Under John’s guidance, Jay grew élan into one of the largest Apple service providers in the Midwest. Jay expanded élan’s services to include managed services, professional services and cloud services.

John Burns acquired élan Technologies in 2016 to become the foundation for the managed services, professional services and hardware services divisions of Encore Technologies. Élan Technologies brings a highly skilled support organization and hundreds of customers from the Fortune 50 to the SMB. Encore Technologies brings a team of technology leaders with the experience to deliver complex solutions. Together, Encore Technologies is uniquely positioned to deliver the comprehensive service offerings our customers expect.

This is our Encore…

DevOps Team

The Encore DevOps team was founded in early 2016 by Eric Sarakaitis with a vision of accelerating and automating IT opreations for Encore’s customers. Eric has years of experience in both modern and legacy IT environments resulting in incredible vision and direction.

While Eric has incredible experiences in IT and Ops, he quickly realized he had a gap on the Dev side. In mid-2016 he hired Nick Maludy to manage the DevOps team. Nick, a graduate of University of Toledo, comes from a diverse Software Engineering background allowing him to apply best practices from the Software Engineering discipline to the DevOps parctices at Encore.

Behind Eric and Nick are a team of great DevOps Engineers including:

  • Brad Bishop - A graduate of University of Cincinnati, Brad has several years of experience working in traditional Windows IT environments. Brad’s quickly come up to speed in a mixed OS environment and provides unique perspectives to the solutions we deliver to customers.

  • John Schoewe - A graduate of University of Cincinnati, John started his DevOps career as a Co-op underneath Eric at a previous company. Once John graduated UC, he was offered a job at Encore to continue his excellent work.

  • Mike Flora - Our ServiceNow guru and former IT manager for 14 years. Mike is a ServiceNow Sr Technical Consultant with a knack for implementing integrations and automation processes.